Miga Town: My Fire Station-Miga Town: My Fire Station v1.4 APK + MOD (All Unlocked)

Miga Town: My Fire Station-Miga Town: My Fire Station v1.4 APK + MOD (All Unlocked) title=

Miga Town: My Fire Station


Miga Town: My Fire Station is an entertaining game with cute graphics that will bring you moments of entertaining entertainment when you have the opportunity to become a courageous firefighter. This game will take you to a world where you can do whatever you want and create every story according to your creativity without limits. Not only having fun but also learning many exciting things about this job.


The job of a firefighter is considered very difficult and strenuous, but it is a very precious job because, thanks to them, many fires are extinguished in time. They dedicate their lives and their lives to protecting the lives of others first, which is a job worthy of respect. But have you ever wondered what their job is like and what a firefighter’s day is like? With Miga Town: My Fire Station, you will also play the role of firefighters and always help people.

Compared to real life, this job will be much more complicated, but in order for players to get the best experience, the manufacturer has simplified it a lot. With just a few taps on the screen, you can discover all the activities that the game has to offer. New to the game, you will be taken to a small city where houses are close to each other, and the fire station is located a short distance away. It will be the workplace and the place where you will live every day and consider it your second home.


A new day begins early in the morning when the sun has risen, and you are still sleeping with your other friend. You will wake up the fireman by getting him out of bed and then into the bathroom. You can use any object you want, just touch them to be able to move around. At this time, the alarm sounds to signal that there is a fire in the city, and you will quickly put on your clothes to be ready to go.

You will get on the fire truck with your teammates and start entering the city where emergencies are happening. Rush into buildings where fires appear and remove obstacles with specialized tools to make it easier to put out fires. If someone is stuck in the house, get them out first and then continue with your mission.


You need to pay attention to many different places and stay informed because it will be quite crucial to your current job. The first will be the dormitory and the place where you and others will rest after a long day of work, but you should still pay attention because a fire can happen at any time. The training ground is an important place because the firefighters will be the place to practice and receive rigorous training to complete the task well.

An indispensable place in any fire station is the command center and the only place that can observe the situation in the city to notify firefighters when there is an emergency. There is also a whole street where you can explore other activities such as walking around, drinking coffee or shopping, or helping others.

Miga Town: My Fire Station is suitable for all ages, especially for boys or girls who like games with cute characters and are not too complicated to play. Not only have fun moments of entertainment but also learn a lot about the job of a firefighter.


– Not only firefighters but also play with many other characters with many different professions.
– Experience and play with many different locations in the city.
– Graphics are designed in cartoon style with bright colors and cute characters.
– Easy control mechanism and fun interactive environment to increase creativity.
– There are various secrets hidden in various locations in the city waiting for you to discover.