Tiny Landlord-Tiny Landlord v3.1.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Currency)

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Tiny Landlord


Tiny Landlord: Idle City Sim will again be an idle-style game that you should experience at least once to discover the interesting things it brings. There is nothing better than trying the feeling of one day becoming the mayor of the city that you built with your own hands. A job where you will have little difficulty in the beginning because there is a lot of work to do so show all your abilities in management.


At Tiny Landlord, you will become the head of a city built and developed by yourself so that you will receive empty land from the beginning. You will need to build many different buildings such as factories, shops, hospitals, or amusement parks from these plots of land. In addition, housing is indispensable because it will help you attract more people to move to your city.

The time to build them is also quite long, depending on how complex or straightforward the facilities are, and you will need to wait until they are completed. However, the wait will pay off because these constructions will help you achieve the completion progress of a city. Not only that, but the main purpose is to serve the essential needs of the residents who have been and will come to this city. Make them happy and feel like this is the perfect place to live so you’ll earn more people’s trust.


Just having buildings or houses is not enough because it won’t make your city more beautiful than before, so you need some things to decorate, and you can find them in-store. For example, plant some more trees around the vacant plots to increase harmony as well as add color to your city picture. In addition, you can also build some more lampposts so that they can light up the city so that it does not sink into darkness every night.

In addition, the placement of some buildings is also critical because you need to have a perfect strategy in finding a suitable location for each different building. For example, apartment buildings cannot be located close to industrial zones because it will cause noise or air pollution for residents living there and lead to discomfort. Or entertainment areas, shops, and hospitals should be located near places with crowded residents because those are the best facilities they can use without having to go too far.


At first, you will have a small amount of capital, but it is enough for you to build some buildings, and after a while, the city starts to develop more so that you earn a lot of profit. With the money you have now, you will have to use them to upgrade your city so that it always has something new and meets the needs of its residents. With the task of being a mayor, you must know how to spend on the necessary things first correctly. Otherwise, the budget deficit will be sooner or later.

In addition to upgrading buildings, the important thing that you should do is open some more services that residents in the city can easily use. You can build many bus stations around the city to assist them in commuting with those who do not have their car. Or if you have more conditions, you should build some more parking lots or more like a station.


Become the mayor of your city and help it grow even more.An idle game where you won’t have to put in too much effort or time but still earn a lot of money.You need to pay attention to many different activities to build the foundation, such as electricity, water, etc…The most significant concern you need to pay attention to will be the satisfaction level of the people living in the area.Graphics are built in the animation style but always ensure the best image quality.